A New Chapter

Forth in our series "Diary Of An IMG"

I have finished my T&O job and am moving on to my respiratory rotation now. I attended the wards after I finished my induction and was shown around the department. There are four teams, and I am in team 4 which manages the patients on outliers. So, we usually have new patients every day and also we have post take rounds in AMU.

My first day was hectic as it was very different to T&O. Started my day in AMU and it was very fast paced and a lot to digest as we have to go through all the history of the patient with a fine-tooth comb. There were new investigations and drugs which I was not familiar with so it was a great learning experience. We had 15 patients on and they were scattered all over the hospital. This meant that I would be walking more than 12,000 steps a day.

I was mainly focusing on getting the jobs done as I went along as I had been pre warned that ward rounds sometimes could end around 3pm which leaves me with only 2 hours to do all the jobs. I was on top of my jobs and felt really supported by my seniors as the consultant was patient and my registrar also helped me do the jobs.

The patients I saw were mainly asthma exacerbated and IECOPD and it was good to see how it is managed from the time they walk in the door to them being discharged. Overall, I think this has been a steep learning curve again but I am hoping things will get easier as I get used to the system.

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