A Normal Hospital Day In The NHS

A Simple Guide To… A Normal Hospital Day In The NHS

Just like anything in life, it may sometimes be wise to know why certain advice are given. Therefore, before we crack on with the advice, let’s understand what your normal day in the hospital will look like. This rough timetable is variable and it depends on the department/hospital/shift pattern.


A ward round involves reviewing your patients and thereafter formulating plans for them.

Ward round with the senior doctor (can be with Consultant/Registrar/SHO or all of them).

There may be times when you have to do a ward round by yourself however if you aren’t comfortable with this, you are allowed to speak up and find a senior.


You may be completed with your ward round by midday. From the point you finish your ward round, you have the freedom to do whatever you want (in terms of work). Nobody will be there to monitor how you use your time. Hence why, it’s very important to be organised & to be able to prioritise.

If there are other team members, you can divide & conquer.


Lunch (only specified for mentioning purposes). There isn’t a fixed time when you can have your lunch break. It depends on how free/busy you are on the day but DO NOT FORGET to take it. You need the energy and you are human – you need food to function, after all, you can only help others if you are healthy yourself.

14:00 – 17:00

Completing jobs from the list & ensuring all patients are stable.

17:00 (variable to shift patterns)

Home time! – When you first start, there may be occasions where you finish late but this will inevitably improve over time.

The time you start and leave work depends on your shift.

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