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The Roles Of A Junior Doctor

The Things Expected From You That No One Will Teach You!

Application Routes

Simple guide highlighting different routes to consider

A Normal Hospital Day In The Nhs

Let’s understand what your normal day in the hospital will look like

Acing An Interview

Top 10 things we’d recommend to success in any interview

Maximising Your Time At Medical School

Courses, placements, research opportunities

Being A Great Doctor

12 Top Tips To Being A Great Doctor that will give you a head start

A-E Assessment

An assessment used by medical professionals in the NHS when reviewing an unwell patient

Breaking Bad News And End Of Life Care

Knowing how to break distressing news is an essential skill to have as a Doctor

On Calls And Night Shifts

Working an ‘On Call’ shift means that you are working outside of the normal hours.

The Mental Capacity Act

What does it mean when somebody says “He/She has no capacity”?

A Multidisciplinary Team (MDT)

If you are coming from abroad, you may not have heard the term “MDT”!

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